Wedding Trends: Metallics

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Metallics have been a part of decorative history for as long as we can tell. Everything from jewelry to dishes and even furniture have been made from a wide variety of metals in every color imaginable. Although the particular metallic color and finish trends change from year to year, metallics are one trend that never goes away.

According to Bridal Guide’s 2016 Trend Report, the reason metallics always find a place in home or event decor is their versatility. There is a metallic for every occasion from rustic to black tie.

The basic metallics used in event decor include:


  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Bronze

  • Rose Gold

  • White Gold

  • Platinum

Wedding experts at The Knot suggest copper is the hottest metallic this season while Bridal Guide places its vote with Rose Gold. Event design trends often take cues from the fashion world. The most widely used metallic on the runways at New York Fashion Week were gold metallics. No matter your preference, it is clear that the silver-colored family of metals are not on trend for 2016.

With finishes ranging from the softer look of a brushed metal to the shiny feel of polished metals, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these tips for adding metallics to popular themes.

  • Rustic - Serve custom cocktails in copper mugs

  • Black Tie - Embellish place settings with gold placemats and napkin rings

  • Winter - Edge a white aisle runner with silver satin

  • Vintage - Use rose gold or brass candelabras for centerpieces

  • Beach - Wear brushed gold sandals and accessories

Modern party planners consider most metallics to be neutrals that can easily replace black, gray, white, or brown in color schemes. Throw out any preconceived notions and explore the new world of metallics. Choose one to highlight or mix metallics to create an ultralux look sure to wow guests. With decorative touches from metal napkin rings to tablecloths available in metallic colors, this trend can easily fit into any theme and budget.


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