Wedding Etiquette 

Wedding season is such a fun and exciting time that everyone looks forward to. We all love receiving invitations in the mail and awaiting the big day. With wedding season in Western New York approaching us quickly, here are a few Do's and Don'ts to remember at the weddings you'll be attending. Make sure to be the guest that everyone wants to invite to their wedding. By following these you definitely will be. Happy Wedding Season <3

When attending a wedding this season remember these Do's and Don'ts of being a wedding guest!


RSPV- The Bride and Groom will appreciate you RSPV'ing immediately. With all the stress they have going on planning the wedding, the last thing they want to do is track you down to ask you if you're coming to the wedding. Make the wedding planning process that much easier on them and RSPV as soon as possible. 


Dress as the style the invitation states- There's nothing worse than inviting guests to a black tie wedding and having them show up to the reception wearing a summer dress. Or if you were invited to a wedding where you know you'll be on grass don't wear a long gown and pointy heels. You'll spend more time digging your feet out of the grass than enjoying the wedding. Dress for the occasion :) 

Arrive on time to the ceremony- The only person allowed to be late to the ceremony is the bride! You shouldn't be walking in after the ceremony has started and definitely not when the bride is about to walk in. Rule of thumbs, try to get there 20-30 minutes before the start time of the ceremony. That way you're guaranteed a good seat and can mingle with family and friends before the ceremony starts.


Have as much fun as possible- Weddings are for celebrating and having fun with family and friends. Make sure the bride and groom are having fun out on the dance floor and be sure to join them. Just make sure to have fun within reason!



Don't bring an unexpected guest- It's never appropriate to show up the day of the wedding with a guest that wasn't invited. If you haven't stated that you're bring a +1 then leave them at home. No one should have to be scrambling to find your date a seat at the reception. 


Don't wear white - The only person at the wedding wearing white should be the bride. We all know white dresses are adorable and look great on tan skin, but leave them at home. It may be an old rule but it's a rule that should always be followed. It's her special day and she should be the one standing out from the rest. 


Don't bring children to an adult only reception- It may be tough to find a babysitter or you may not want to leave them at home but if the wedding invitation states that it's an adults only…then it's an adults only. Don't call the bride and groom and put them in a tough position. Everyone deserves a night without kids every once in a while. 

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