Three Words: Burlap and Lace 

New year, same idea. Burlap and lace is here to stay. Planning to have an outdoor wedding in Buffalo, New York and have a rustic side to you? Or just love lace and burlap together? Try these new creative ideas when planning a wedding with burlap and lace included and you'll be sure to have a Western New York wedding that sticks out!

Burlap and lace. These two items put together are becoming a major centerpiece to base your weddings around. From invitations, to wedding cakes, decorations and everything in between, burlap and lace is making a statement once again. Instead of satin bows, try putting burlap with some lace together and making gorgeous yet still simple bows to hang on chairs down the aisle. Or let your rustic side shine through and create your wedding invitations with different burlap and lace pieces. Let your creativity shine through and put your special touches on your very special day. 

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