Out with the old, in with the new! A super cool twist on the old wedding reception "candy bar"

wedding reception popcorn bar
Popcorn Bar

I am so happy to see that wedding reception "candy bars" are becoming a thing of the past.


Like most things, what started out as an innovative and fun idea has now become overdone and mundane.


I am ecstatic to see the new twist on this, and it is a popcorn bar! The flavors and combinations are endless, from savory to sweet and everything in-between! It is also very transportable and affordable (unlike the typical pounds and pounds of candy) not to mention healthier too!


Who wouldn't enjoy this as a late night snack after a long night of dancing and cocktails, or during a bridal shower while the bride is opening her gifts?


I will be displaying my first popcorn bar at a bridal shower in May and can't wait!

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